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Real Estate Agent Diipa Thrives with VirtualCMO

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Small Business Branding and Marketing TestimonialReal estate agent Diipa faced content creation and lead generation challenges until she partnered with VirtualCMO. She works 60 hours a week, right from generating leads to showing apartments to clients & managing all the documentation work. Activities like running lead gen campaigns, & being active on social media take about 15 – 20 hours every week with subdued results.

Enters VirtualCMO and overnight it became Diipa’s trusted marketing partner, providing comprehensive marketing content. VirtualCMO crafted captivating content for website blogs with relevant keywords related to the housing market (buyer side) for Miami and posted social media content to redirect organic traffic from her social media pages to her website.

Implementation & Results:
  1. The Start: VirtualCMO’s journey with Diipa started by crafting the most searched keywords on Google and Bing when it comes to home buyers in Miami. The top keywords were Miami realtor, realtor com miami, houses for sale Miami, Miami homes for sale, Miami apartments for sale, houses for sale in Miami Florida, duplex for sale Miami, Miami housing market, new construction homes Miami, real estate Miami, Miami LoopNet. Interestingly, the search was driven by users not based in Miami but who were looking to buy their second home in Miami or an apartment that they could rent out on homestays to generate recurring income.

  2. Engaging Content Creation: VirtualCMO crafted tailored blog posts and captivating Instagram content using relevant marketing keywords. This attracted Diipa’s target audience, driving engagement and inquiries.

  3. Optimized Google Ads Campaigns: At the time of writing this case study for Diipa, VirtualCMO is setting up and optimizing her Google Ads campaigns, she is trying it out for the 1st time and expects some really cool leads to come her way.

By partnering with VirtualCMO, real estate agent Diipa experienced a transformative journey. Her website as well as Social Media pages (primarily Instagram but now LinkedIn also) look thorough and professional.  Optimized Google Ads campaigns will amplify visibility and conversions keeping the ROI and CTRs in check. If you are also a solopreneur or a hustler like Diipa, do not hesitate to try out VirtualCMO for free and try out the keywords, social media posts and blogs to see the results for yourself.

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