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Upwork Freelancer Liu Y has a Marketing Auto-pilot in VirtualCMO

Social Media Marketing Strategy

As an Upwork freelancer, I use VirtualCMO now instead of Virtual Assistants. The app is fast, to the point, and gives me great content to run Google Ads campaigns. Look forward to more automation from VirtualCMO.


Challenge: As a Marketing Freelance Consultant on Upwork, Liu Y faced difficulties in managing graphic designers, copywriters, and content editors hired from Upwork, which consumed significant time and financial resources. Generating engaging content and running effective Google Ads campaigns became overwhelming.


VirtualCMO emerged as a game-changing alternative to traditional virtual assistants, providing Liu Y with a comprehensive solution for content creation and Google Ads support. The automation and efficiency of VirtualCMO’s platform freed up Liu’s time and delivered high-quality content tailored for Google Ads campaigns. For $99 per month, she manages Google Ads content for 4 clients and doesn’t employ even a single content writer or a graphic designer. 

Implementation & Results:

Efficient Content Generation: VirtualCMO’s AI-powered platform offered Liu Y an array of content creation options. VirtualCMO’s intuitive interface allowed Liu to quickly generate engaging content for Google Ads, including attention-grabbing visuals (Images in square, landscape and portrait formats) and concise ad copy (Headlines, Descriptions, CTAs).

Cost Savings and Time Efficiency: Prior to VirtualCMO, Liu Y struggled with managing a team of graphic designers, copywriters, and content editors from Upwork. VirtualCMO’s streamlined approach eliminated the need for multiple hires, saving significant costs. With a $99 per month membership, Liu Y now generates content at a fraction of the previous expenses.

Enhanced Google Ads Campaigns: VirtualCMO’s content generation capabilities empowered Liu Y to create impactful Google Ads campaigns. The tailored content aligned with best practices for Google Ads, ensuring relevance and engagement. Liu Y experienced improved campaign performance and increased click-through rates (CTRs) across all of its clients, with one hospital chain experiencing a CAC coming down by more than 34% after the Ads were overhauled with VirtualCMO’s content.

Automation and Future Prospects: Liu Y eagerly looks forward to future enhancements and automation features from VirtualCMO, anticipating further time and resource savings and we couldn’t be more happier with a smiling and happy Liu.

Through VirtualCMO, freelancer Liu Y achieved remarkable results in content creation and Google Ads campaign management. The platform’s automation, efficient content generation, and cost-effective membership allowed Liu to save both time and money. VirtualCMO’s optimized content contributed to improved Google Ads performance, enhancing engagement and driving results. Liu Y’s experience exemplifies the transformative potential of VirtualCMO for freelancers and small businesses seeking streamlined content creation and digital marketing solutions.

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